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Student Testimonials

Expert Lectures in the Medical Sciences may be new but our lecturers have spent decades instructing students at leading medical universities around the world. Here are testimonials from previous students of Dr. Zahi Damuni.

I have had the opportunity to attend lectures conducted by Dr. Damuni and he is an excellent teacher. He explains the course material in a clear and concise manner, that is easy to follow along and understand. He puts great effort into his teaching and really wants each student to do well.
Adeena Islam

MD Candidate, Saint James School of Medicine

I had the pleasure of learning biochemistry from Dr. Damuni during my basic sciences in medical school. He is a thorough and approachable teacher who can simplify an intricate subject like biochemistry without sacrificing important details so it is palatable to his students.

His subject knowledge coupled with his ability to research relevant information helped me acquire answers to questions when I was unsure of certain topics. In this manner, I was able to effectively remember information that was applicable not only to high yield exams like USMLE Step 1 but also my clinical rotations.

Dr. Damuni’s teaching style is well suited to learning high yield information in a limited amount of time. I would recommend him to anyone looking for a helpful professor that will make the difficult path to higher education a little easier.

Akshita Sahi

MD Candidate, Saba University School of Medicine

I have had the pleasure of personally being taught by Dr. Zahi Damuni across multiple disciplines during my time at medical school, as well, as a mentor for a major research project spanning three semesters. His understanding of medicine is beyond impressive; furthermore, it is his ability to teach effectively, with a sense of humor, which sets him apart from his peers. I can’t say that I have ever seen him without a smile. He could turn the most difficult topics into easy-to-understand concepts. His friendliness and patience allowed students to ask questions pertaining to the most nitty-gritty biochemical or physiological mechanisms [for instance]; he would also gladly, and regularly, spend time outside of work hours to ensure we understood the material. It was a pleasure being his student. As such, I highly encourage anyone considering his course to sign up!
Amer Zia

MD Candidate, Saint James School of Medicine

Dr. Damuni took the time to help me understand biochemistry when I was struggling. He was an excellent teacher and made this subject very enjoyable. I appreciate his teaching while in med school and would highly recommend him to future students!
Antoinette Pacifico

MD Candidate, Saba University School of Medicine

Dr. Damuni is an exceptional mentor and teacher! Biochemistry, Molecular Biology, and Physiology are very challenging subjects to ascertain. However Dr. Damuni is a true expert in these fields and was able to teach such complex subjects in a way that the student is able to fully comprehend and master the courses as well. I highly recommend Dr. Damuni for anyone from undergraduate to post-graduate level, his expertise and professionalism are absolutely unparalleled!
Chantel Zern, MD

Graduate of Avalon University School of Medicine

Dr. Damuni was an excellent professor who always made an effort to see if people understood his content. He was easy to talk to in and out of the classroom. If he did not know something we asked of him, he would look it up and not pretend to give an incorrect statement.
Candice Volney

MD Candidate, Saba University School of Medicine

Dr. Damuni is one of the very best professors I was instructed by during my basic science courses. I was taught physiology by Dr. Damuni during my MD2 semester. I was driven to understand physiology in order to be prepared for the United States Medical Licensing Exam. Damuni’s lectures are knowledgeable and he is so effective in his delivery and presentation that it made the information very easy to comprehend and retain. In addition he builds relationships with students in which he is genuinely interested in their progress and helps to keep them motivated. To anyone wanting to get an in depth understanding of physiology I would highly recommend Dr. Damuni’s lectures.
Diya Esters

MD Candidate, Saint James School of Medicine

Dr. Damuni has a great personality and is always willing to help his students . He made class interesting and exciting. He will continue to explain things until you understand the information. Dr. Damuni made what students would consider irrelevant, clinically relevant.
Momen Elias, MS3

MD Candidate, Saba University School of Medicine

Dr. Damuni taught two of the toughest classes in medical school; physiology and biochemistry. Throughout my experience with professors in medical school, he was probably my favorite. Not only did he have great teaching techniques, but he had the patience to answer questions and review topics over and over until they were understood. He is enthusiastic and passionate about teaching and I know his services to Expert Lectures will be no different! In addition to teaching, Dr. Damuni was always approachable and available for questions outside class. He made you feel welcome and comfortable. Thank you for your support throughout medical school. It was a pleasure to be your student and to learn from you!
Dr. Erika Singh, MD

Graduate of Saint James School of Medicine

Dr. Damuni was my biochemistry teacher during my 2nd semester of medical school. By far, he is one of the best professors I have ever had. He taught the material in a concise and thorough manner. He also provided office hours for those students like myself who needed additional help. Biochemistry became easier to understand with Dr. Damuni’s ability to break down each subject and then explain it all together so that no concept went unlearned. He was easy to learn from and speak to about the material.
Erycka Webb, MPH

MD Candidate, Saba University School of Medicine


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