Human Nutrition

This modern nutrition course will look at the human diet, energy expenditure, the sources and fates of macronutrients such as carbohydrates and fats, the importance of vitamins and minerals, and the consequences of poor diets on health. The course includes lectures on maternal and fetal nutrition and growth, and nutrition during infancy. 

  • The complete course lasts 9 weeks, with 2 lectures (4 hours) of contact time per week
  • The course is based on accredited medical school curricula. Browse the syllabus here
  • Entire Course: $684 (~ US $19 per lecture hour)
  • Rate per select 2-hour lecture: $45
  • Final Exam Only: $45
  • A certificate of completion is provided to all students who register and pay, complete the course, and pass the final exam
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Human Nutrition Syllabus

Tentative schedule below may be subject to modification.

1Introduction Human diet and energy expenditure/Dietary reference intakes
Dietary carbohydrates – sources and fates I
Dietary carbohydrates – sources and fates II
Dietary fiber
2Dietary fats – sources and fates
Dietary alcohol and metabolism/alcohol toxicity
Alcohol toxicity
Dietary sources of nitrogen
3Water soluble vitamins I
Water soluble vitamins II
Water soluble vitamins III
Fat soluble vitamins I
4Fat soluble vitamins II
Water and minerals I
Water and minerals II
Antioxidants in the diet/Dietary supplements
5Protein energy malnutrition
Processed versus fresh foods
Well-fed and fasting states I
Well-fed and fasting states II
Diabetes and metabolic syndrome I
Diabetes and metabolic syndrome II
Exercise and stress
7Maternal nutrition/Fetal nutrition I
Maternal nutrition/Fetal nutrition II
Growth and nutrition during infancy I
Growth and nutrition during infancy II
9Post Exam Review
Post Exam Review

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