This course provides learners with a thorough and modern understanding of the processes of converting food and other macronutirents into energy that allows your body to function. Emphasis on the dysfunction that occurs in genetic and other medically relevant disorders of metabolism are emphasized. We recommend the Biochemistry course as prerequisite.

  • The full course lasts 15 weeks, with 2 lectures (4 hours) of contact time per week
  • The course is based on accredited medical school curricula. Browse the syllabus here
  • Entire Course: $1064 (~ US $19 per lecture hour)
  • Rate per select 2-hour lecture: $45
  • Final Exam Only: $45
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Metabolism Syllabus

Glycolysis I
Glycolysis II
Fructose, Galactose and Lactose Metabolism
2Gluconeogenesis I
Gluconeogenesis II
Pyruvate Dehydrogenase And The Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle I
The Tricarboxylic Acid Cycle II
3Oxidative phosphorylation I
Oxidative phosphorylation II
Pentose phosphate pathway
Glycogen metabolism I
4Glycogen metabolism II
Glycogen storage disorders
Chemistry of lipids and lipid macromolecular structures
Dietary fats – sources and fates
5Fatty acids I
Fatty acids II
Fatty acids III
Acylglycerols and energy storage I
6Acylglycerols and energy storage II
Acylglycerols and energy storage III
Cholesterol metabolism I
Cholesterol metabolism II
7Plasma lipoproteins I
Plasma lipoproteins II
Dyslipoproteinemias I
Dyslipoproteinemias II
8Amino acid structures and properties
Metabolism of amino acids I
Metabolism of amino acids II
Metabolism of amino acids III
9Amino acid conversions into specialized molecules
Amino acids and neurotransmission
Disposal of nitrogen I
Disposal of nitrogen II
10Disease states of Nitrogen Metabolism
Metabolism of purines I
Metabolism of purines II
Metabolism of purines III
11Metabolism of pyrimidines I
Metabolism of pyrimidines II
Well-fed and fasting states I
Well-fed and fasting states II
Diabetes and metabolic syndrome I
Diabetes and metabolic syndrome II
Exercise and stress
15Post Exam Review
Post Exam Review

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