Medical Biochemistry

A broad and exciting introduction to the field of Biochemistry with emphasis on relevance to human health, disease, physiology, and medicine. The course is based on accredited medical school curricula. The recommended text book for this course is the latest edition of Mark’s Basic Medical Biochemistry.

  • The complete course lasts 10 weeks, with 2 lectures (4 hours) of contact time per week
  • The course is based on accredited medical school curricula
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  • Entire Course: $760 (~ US $19 per lecture hour)
  • Rate per select 2-hour lecture: $45
  • Final Exam Only: $45
  • A certificate of completion is provided to all students who register and pay, complete the course, and pass the final exam
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Medical Biochemistry Syllabus

Tentative schedule below may be subject to modification.

Nucleic acids I
Nucleic acids II
Thermodynamics I
2Thermodynamics II
Diversity and classification of enzymes I
Diversity and classification of enzymes II
Biological catalysis I
3Biological catalysis II
Enzyme Kinetics
Enzyme inhibitors, drugs and poisons
Regulation of enzyme activity I
4Regulation of enzyme activity II
Protein Structure I
Protein Structure II
Globular proteins I
5Globular proteins II
Fibrous proteins I
Fibrous proteins II
Diagnostic enzymology/Anti-enzyme therapy
6Therapeutic use of enzymes
Carbohydrates I
Carbohydrates II
Glycoproteins I
7Glycoproteins II
Glycosaminoglycans I
Glycosaminoglycans II
Chemistry of Lipids and Lipid Macromolecular Structures I
8Chemistry of Lipids and Lipid Macromolecular Structures II
Signal transduction I
Signal transduction II
Signal transduction III
Post Exam Review
Post Exam Review

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