Human Physiology II

Human Physiology II represents the second part of our Human Physiology course, a comprehensive, substantive and modern coverage to the field of Physiology with strong emphasis on relevance to human health, disease, and medicine. This four-block, two-part Physiology course is based on accredited medical school curricula, and is designed for those who wish to succeed in medical, nursing, pharmacy or other health-related college courses. The recommended textbook is the latest edition of “Guyton and Hall Textbook of Medical Physiology”

  • Human Physiology II follows from Human Physiology I
  • It lasts a total of 11 weeks, with 3 lectures (6 hours) of contact time per week
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  • Rate per select 2-hour lecture: $45
  • Final Exam Only: $45
  • A certificate of completion is provided to all students who register and pay, complete the course, and pass the final exam
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Human Physiology II Syllabus

13Pulmonary Ventilation
Pulmonary Ventilation
Pulmonary Circulation, Pulmonary Edema, Pleural Fluid
2Physical Principles of Gas Exchange, Diffusion O2, CO2 & Respiratory Membrane
Transport of O2 & CO2 in Blood and Tissues
Regulation of Respiration
3Respiratory Insufficiency: Pathophysiology, Diagnosis, O2 Therapy
Aviation, High Altitude Space
Deep Sea Diving, Hyperbaric Physiology
Overview of Gastrointestinal Function
4Propulsion & Mixing in Alimentary Canal
Propulsion & Mixing in Alimentary Canal
Secretory Function in Alimentary Canal
5Secretory Function in Alimentary Canal
Digestion, Absorption in Alimentary Canal
Digestion, Absorption in Alimentary Canal
Post Exam Review
74Introduction to Endocrinology
8Adrenocorticoid Hormones
Adrenocorticoid Hormones
Insulin, Glucagon & Diabetes Mellitus
9Insulin, Glucagon & Diabetes Mellitus
Parathyroid Hormone & Calcium Metabolism
Parathyroid Hormone & Calcium Metabolism
10Male Reproductive
Female Reproductive
Female Reproductive
11Pregnancy & Lactation
12Post Exam Review

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